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Barrel Up Training Facility aims to fill a void in the current San Francisco Peninsula baseball community. While most facilities focus on volume and quantity, we focus on quality. Instead of trying to create teams and just run lots of teams to make lots of money, our goal is dedicated and quality instruction by professionals who have the

best knowledge in the business at what they do.


When providing lessons, or small group workouts our goal is the most quality repetitions possible.

Quality over Quantity = More Quality At-Bats

What's the good of taking 200 swings in an hour if only 50 of them are quality and consistent repetitions.

As former travel baseball coaches, and respected members of the baseball community when Co-Owners Neil Saccoman and Michael Wraa came together to create Barrel Up Baseball their goal was simple, quality repetitions with people who want to get better being lead by people who can make them better.

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