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Michael L. Wraa

Co-Owner/General Manager

Michael has been immersed in baseball for just about as long as anyone can remember. When a car accident took away his ability to play the sports he loved as he was entering high school, as a way to stay close to the games he enjoyed Michael entered into not only the world of officiating but the world of coaching as well. From umpiring collegiate summer all star games on MLB Network, to coaching high school, travel baseball, and coaching privately - Michael can be found pretty much anywhere you'd find sports.

Michael is privileged to grow up in the baseball community, with family members and close friends currently both playing and coaching at the highest levels of professional and collegiate baseball. Michael credits most of his knowledge and growth as a coach to his family and friends connections. 

His philanthropic work is also well documented throughout baseball from his work with professional baseball charities to his time on both local and district oversight Little League boards. You can find Michael as a fixture at the MiLB Innovators Summit and MLB Winter Meetings.

While Michael spends most of his baseball season with us, his off season is spent traveling across the country to coach teams, coach privately, and advise programs on how to maximize their success in reaching their athletes. In 2019 alone, he visited 17 facilities and provided independent analysis to over 35 travel programs. He also considers himself privileged to have been able to speak to over 20 parent and student-athlete groups about how they can maximize their success in the classroom and the field.  

Michael's approach to coaching focuses on what he describes as the most undervalued asset in student-athletes, their mental performance. ​Michael is a firm believer that any coach can make you physically better, but it takes approach to win the mind.

Michael can be reached directly at

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