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With the pandemic of the Coronavirus outbreak also known as COVID-19, we understand everyone is in a heightened state of awareness and caution right now. With high schools closing, mandates of bars and restaurants shutting down, youth, high school, and collegiate seasons being abruptly suspended, we find ourselves in a situation, and world, we've never been in before. 

We will comply with all state and federal regulations as they are announced but at time time we are proud to announce we will remain open, both our cages and our gym with the following extra precautions and safety measures in place:

1) Ensuring Social Distancing of No Less than Six (6) Feet

by limiting our capacity as noted above.


2) Added new and permanent additional sanitizing stations throughout the facility.


3) Barrel Up Staff is disinfecting all equipment and surfaces nightly with use of medical grade cleaning solution determined to kill the COVID-19 Virus when used properly.


4) Providing as we always have, access to our bathroom for hand-washing at anytime.

5) Requiring temperature checks, sanitizing of shoes and hands before entering the facility. Nobody with a temperature outside of CDC recommendations will be allowed to enter.

We want you to feel safe and comfortable when you train here with us, so if the time isn't right for you to leave the house - we understand. At the same time, we are committed to be here, and be open, for as long as we can for those who want a place to stay clean, safe, and ready for the first moment they can get back on the diamond and do what they love to do! We highly encourage the DO the FIVE protocol as listed below to help stop the coronavirus:

Do The 5.gif

1) HANDS Wash them often
2) ELBOW Cough into it
3) FACE Don't touch it
4) FEET Stay more than 3 feet apart
5) FEEL sick? Stay home

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